jeudi 12 novembre 2015

GPS No Tracker

The positioning on iPhone 6 s and iPhone 6 is reflected in certain LTE networks plus disturbed, Navi-apps and site services work properly then.

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The GPS location of the iPhone iPhone 6s and 6 plus is unreliable in certain LTE networks how report readers. iOS to the location outdoors accordingly for example Google maps or Apple maps represent offset the position to several streets, the Blue location dot sometimes wild jumps around then suddenly no longer exactly determine. Navigation apps can be used by virtually no longer, they constantly lose the position, type accordingly wrong statements or simply hang.

Certain LTE networks in Europe
The problem seems to occur only in certain LTE networks may also only in specific frequency bands. In Germany, there are mainly reports on the impact of the LTE network of O2, at least in some places. The disorder is discussed also by French users, the network operator of Bouygues checks this now apparently together with Apple. The iPhone manufacturer's support forum, also people from Denmark and the Czech Republic have been reported.

6 s iPhone on a the Mac & i editorial which was also observed detection failure, he appeared by wind Italy in the LTE network. NAVIGON in certain regions was no longer able to properly announce the route, failed the guided navigation with Google maps.

The GPS error apparently affects all previous versions of iOS 9 up to the current version 9.1. the problem with the first beta of iOS users reportedly occurs also on 9.2. Older iOS devices seem unaffected.

The workaround is simple but unfortunate: it switches back to the iOS settings under "Mobile network" in the section on 3 G (UMTS) voice & data of LTE, the GPS phone tracking should work again as usual. You must then however - at least temporarily - dispense on the fast LTE data connection. In some cases, the new smartphones have iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s plus difficulties, to determine its position via GPS. This is very annoying especially when navigating, occurs only in some LTE networks. However, there might be remedy, so that the positioning by GPS works again.
Probably occurs only when a network provider the problem in Germany, in other European countries, there are also problems: in some LTE networks, the iPhone has 6 S and the iPhone 6 S plus a problem to determine its position. This has significant implications for the usability: navigation no longer can be and of course, other apps that use the GPS position, then have a problem.

The phenomenon is manifested by around bouncing Blue location points for example in Apple maps or Google maps and navigation app messed up coming with the route calculation. Some readers report that they have problems in Germany in the O2 network, to determine their location when turned on LTE. Also from the Czech Republic, Italy (operator wind) or France (Bouygues) there are reports of users who have problems with the positioning.
Bouygues Telecom confirmed in his forum now that you have identified the problems and examine them.

While it doesn't seem to help update the operating system - so far at least. Also at iOS 9.1 and which is still left unlocked in beta iOS 9.2 error occurs. Whether he, as suspected by some, is located on a particular LTE frequency band, it is currently not safety say.
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An herb is grown against the position problems: who switches off LTE in the settings of iOS, unable to determine its location as usual precision.